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Practical Solutions: Virtual Assistance plus Earth Friendly Gifts

Past Workshops: (more coming in fall/winter 2019)

Two Winter Solstice Collage Afternoons  Dec. 16th and 17th, 2017



Gift yourself with time to play ...

       and exercise your intuitive & creative sides!

The type of Collage offered here is an art form that uses found images to shed light on the unconscious and give form to inner visions, feelings and patterns.  This intuitive process can provide insights into your life and inspiration for manifesting your dreams, as well as the opportunity to create something beautiful and meaningful.

Individual Sessions and Group Workshops are available by appointment. Workshops and Sessions are held at Alicia's home - a comfortable, peaceful environment in the Birchwood area of Bellingham WA. 

Group Workshops:  Gather a group of friends or family and schedule a time to play together. You can pick a focus or just let everyone see what directions their inner voice takes them. All materials are provided, along with guidance on process, technique and symbology.  Workshops are four hours on a weekend afternoon.  $35 per person.  Minimum 4 people; maximum 6.

Individual Sessions: Generally 2 or 3 2-hour sessions will complete a vision collage.  With all materials provided and a quiet space to work, you'll be able to gift yourself with the time to access your inner voice/vision and really focus on your topic of choice.  Alicia is not a therapist or a psychic but she is a great guide, listener and sounding board.  She will teach you about collage techniques that will add to the design element of your creation and will work with you on symbology.  $50 per 2-hour session.  (cheaper than therapy or an astrologer or psychic reading!)

For more information:  Contact Alicia at 360-715-1925 or

See Testimonials and Press Below...

Clip from "A Question of Balance"

Collage Testimonials

I had put away one of the collages I made in the workshop because it did not make sense to me at the time. I brought it out this weekend and was surprised about how it matched what is going on! I am sure you aren’t surprised, but I am. And delighted!  Thanks again for teaching great workshops.    CS, Bellingham, WA

When I registered for Alicia's collage workshop I expected a pleasant, relaxing time to visit with the other participants and create an art project. The workshop was everything I expected; what I did not expect was such a surprising result! As I rather unconsciously selected pictures from random magazines and then pasted them on the mat I found myself producing a story-board, of sorts, of my life over the last few years. When I looked at it the next day I was pleased that it gave a good representation of the things that have been happening in my life right now.  Then on the third day I looked again and was dumbfounded to realize that there was a clear message in the board, pointing me in the direction I want to go next with my life, something that has been in the back of my mind for so many years I'd forgotten about it. I'm at a pivot point in my life right now and did not realize that this process could so clearly represent what was going on with me.  I will definitely come again to learn more about what is hidden in my unconscious and get more inspiration.     MT, Bellingham, WA



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