Practical Solutions: Virtual Assistance plus Earth Friendly Gifts
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Practical Solutions: Virtual Assistance plus Earth Friendly Gifts

One of the keys to success in any business or project is

                                      TAKING CARE OF THE DETAILS!

Many Hats' Organizing Services will help you streamline your business and/or personal office systems so that you can spend more time doing what you do best and still take care of the details.

As a Personal and/or Business Assistant, whether working at my home office (communicating with you via fax, email, and telephone) or working at your home office, I can take care of the details for you - either as piecework or on an ongoing basis.

Home Office Systems and Organizing: Whether you work from home or manage your personal affairs and projects there, taking care of business is easier and more sustainable when there is a place for everything and a plan for dealing with it. Let me help you organize your environment and reduce clutter. I enjoy working with my clients to create personalized solutions that will streamline the job for them, taking into account not only their needs but their technological abilities and personality.

Custom Forms and Databases: Attractive, well-thought-out and easy-to-use forms and databases simplify tracking the details of both your business and personal projects. Let me create personalized forms for you - either computer or paper - or develop an Excel spreadsheet or Filemaker database that is customized to your needs.

Software Set-up, Training and Troubleshooting: Ease your learning curve into new detail-tracking software by letting me customize your Quickbooks, Quicken, Excel or Filemaker to your needs and then give you hands-on training. Or let me take a look at your existing software setup, clean it up and get you back on track.

Layout and Editing "Spiff-it-Up" Services:  A second set of eyes is invaluable in upgrading graphics and text to an attractive, professional look that says exactly what you need it to say. Specializing in diplomatic letters and bringing your ideas for business cards, flyers, cards brochures, etc to print-ready state.  I'm not a graphic artist but have a good eye, a way with words and plenty of editing and layout experience, using Photoshop and Pagemaker/InDesign.

Virtual Business or Personal Assistance: Looking for that reliable, experienced business or personal organizer who cares about results, has a good work ethic, thinks for herself and doesn't take up any room in your home office? I work from a fully equipped office at my home, with both PC & Mac capability. Whether piecework or ongoing, my work with each of my clients is as individual as the clients themselves. One calls on me when he's behind the eight-ball with too much work and needs to hand off research or project management. Another has me do just about everything for her business and life that involves research or planning, from finding a housekeeper to coordinating the setup of a PLLC, from bookkeeping to travel plans and online shopping. Over the years I've helped clients with catch-up & ongoing bookkeeping, writing/editing and layout, contact management, research, event organizing, scheduling, sensitive correspondence, vacation planning, shopping, and more. How can I be of assistance?

Mobile Home Office Manager: Four hours a week, bi-weekly or monthly can take care of your paper-flow, bookeeping, untangling bureaucracy and other home office needs. Let someone else deal with all those administrative duties so you can do what YOU do best!

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Practical Solutions: Virtual Assistance plus Earth Friendly Gifts